Who can take part?

Stock Market Learning is a competition run by the European savings banks for pupils and students. There are also separate competitions for savings bank trainees, teachers, journalists and savings bank employees. School pupils must have the support of a teacher to participate, and students must be enrolled at a university or other higher educational institution.


How can I take part?

If you are a school pupil, your local savings bank will give you an account number and a password for opening an account. This will allow you to register on the Stock Market Learning web page of the savings bank.
If you are a student, you must register on the Stock Market Learning web page of the savings bank. To find out which savings banks are participating in the competition for students, click here.

Which savings banks are participating?

Here is a list of participating savings banks. Please note that the list will not be complete until September.


Which savings bank is responsible for a student, the one at his or her place of residence or the one at the place of study?

There is no general rule. We recommended enquiring at both locations.


When can I start?

You can opening an account starting in mid-September. However, trading does not start until the first day of the competition.


How can I find the savings bank's Stock Market Learning website?

Here is a list of the participating savings banks in Europe. Click on the name of a savings bank to go to its Stock Market Learning page.


How and where do I register?

You must register via the Stock Market Learning page of your savings bank. Fill in the form for opening an account and click on "Send".


It's taking very long to open an account. What's the reason?

When you register, the responsible savings bank checks the information you enter. If this information is correct, your account will be opened and you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Sometimes it takes a few days to activate an account, so please be patient.


Can I take part as an individual?

School pupils cannot take part as individuals, only in teams. For students and for persons who take part "outside the competition", the rules of the responsible savings bank apply.

Two schools/universities, but one team. Is that allowed?

Yes, if the savings bank agrees. However, the group must decide which school or university name is registered in the account.


Is it possible to register after the competition has started?

Yes, you can register until the halfway date.


My local savings bank does not offer Stock Market Learning. Can I take part anyway?

Unfortunately, you cannot. You can try to register at another savings bank, but as a rule savings banks only accept teams from their area.